Third Party Liability What is the Value of Your Claim?


Handling Insurability Issues in Construction Contexts

Certain issues impacting neighbouring properties or utility lines in the course of a construction project could give rise to a third party liability claim. In such a claim, outside parties who are not involved in the project, usually owners of neighbouring properties or municipalities, make a claim against the construction project owner or contractors for damage done to their property during the course of construction. Most construction entities carry third-party liability insurance to handle these issues, but they can quickly become legally complex claims.

Lawyer Frederick J. Matthews of the Toronto law firm of Christie Saccucci Matthews represents excavators, shoring contractors and others in the construction industry facing third-party liability claims. As a certified specialist in construction law, he provides straightforward counsel and insightful guidance in seeking resolutions that protect his clients' interests.

Defending Construction Entities Against Third-Party Liability

Determining fault and the insurability of a particular incident are some of the most common problems associated with third-party liability claims. Construction laws and industry guidelines that may be applicable to such cases depend on very precise factors, so working with a lawyer who has experience in construction law can be a valuable asset.

Fred Matthews represents construction clients who are facing third-party liability claims for:

  • Physical damage to neighbouring property or buildings
  • Downed electrical wires
  • Punctured gas, water or other utility lines

Fred assists clients in the timely reporting of claims to insurance companies and provides insightful guidance throughout the process of resolving the claim. Most claims can be settled through assertive negotiation. However, when necessary, he is prepared to represent his clients' interests in litigation.