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When properly instituted, a construction lien protects certain rights against the project to satisfy payment for work or supplies provided by an individual contributor in the event that the owner, contractor or subcontractor becomes insolvent. Funds to satisfy the lien may be in the form of holdbacks, small percentages of project funds held in reserve by owners and those under them in the construction pyramid to satisfy potential lien claims, or through enforcement of the sale of the owners' interest in the project.

Registering a lien, however, can be a complex process and may not always lead to quick payment. Lawyer Frederick J. Matthews of Christie Saccucci Matthews has been certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in construction law. From his firm's Toronto office, he provides informed counsel and representation for contractors, subcontractors, building suppliers and individual workers involved in lien disputes throughout southern Ontario.

How Effective is a Lien?

A registered lien will impede project cash flow, such as limiting mortgage advances to fund construction or increasing the percentage of holdback amounts, which are usually held at 10 percent. This may provide enough incentive to a project owner, contractor or subcontractor to make payment and remove the lien.

Furthermore, lien claimants generally have priority of payment over other classes of creditors, including others working on the same project who did not register a lien.

Lawyer Fred Matthews has tangible experience handling lien issues. After reviewing your situation, he will provide insightful advice on whether the tactful and diplomatic threat to assert a lien may be the most effective inducement towards timely payment, or whether actual registration of the lien may be necessary.