Commercial Contracts & Leases



One key to success in any business is the strength of its contracts and agreements. Lawyer Frederick J. Matthews of Christie Saccucci Matthews has based his practice of more than 30 years on active continuous work in the field of commercial litigation and related commercial counsel. He represents individual and business clients in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area and elsewhere in southern Ontario.

Toronto Lawyer for Commercial Leases and Disputes

Along with other business contracts and disputes, Fred handles a variety of issues arising out of commercial leases and commercial landlord/tenant disputes. He provides insightful guidance to commercial landlords not only on the creation of effective leases but also on enforcement of a commercial lease agreement or in eviction proceedings.

The laws governing eviction of commercial tenants are complex and require strict adherence. Fred provides informed advice on how the application of the law could affect his clients' goals, and helps them take the appropriate steps to achieve desired outcomes. This includes counsel on the landlord's rights to seize tenant property for nonpayment, the eviction process and acting on personal guarantee issues.

Other Contracts

Fred is also a certified specialist in construction law, and assists project owners, contractors, subcontractors, materials suppliers and others in the construction industry with construction contracts, breach of contract matters and other construction disputes. With tangible experience in a variety of commercial industries, he provides straightforward counsel aimed at helping clients protect their short- and long-term interests.