Straightforward Counsel and Representation

The law firm of Christie Saccucci Matthews was established in 1978. Since that time, the firm's mission has been to help individual and business clients to identify potential issues in the efficient management of their construction or business projects, and to take the appropriate steps to prevent them. By offering straightforward counsel and insightful guidance, the firm seeks to help clients determine whether they would benefit from specialized legal service in construction law or business litigation.

Specialist Services in Construction Law

Lawyer Frederick J. Matthews, a founding member of Christie Saccucci Matthews, is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in construction law. His practice is based on more than 30 years of continuous work in the field of commercial litigation and related commercial counsel. Clients benefit from his experience in effectively managing construction receivables, handling construction trust claims, resolving construction disputes and issues of construction liens. He also provides services in commercial litigation.

Building Long-Term Relationships

One of the cornerstones of Christie Saccucci Matthews is the firm's commitment to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with its commercial clients. By providing general counsel on the legal ramifications of certain actions or ventures, the firm seeks to help clients make sound decisions that protect their short- and long-term interests. In establishing a business relationship based on trust and mutual respect, the firm is then able to effectively represent clients in the prosecution or defence of any claims before the relevant courts or tribunals.